The privatization of Audubon Park by the AC/ANI continues (2016)
The Audubon Commission and Audubon Nature Institute are privatizing more public parkland under their control. Their latest "business-as-usual" project involves the further privatization of public park property—over which they have carte blanche—this time by expanding the land on the Fly/Riverview that is exclusively controlled by the Carrollton Booster Club. Without any public comment or input, the Institute entered into a CEA with the club to build the new "Benson-Brees Soccer Complex" on land that is currently open public park, to be managed and operated by the private Carrollton Booster Club for the exclusive use of its members. Not coincidentally, Gayle Benson, of the New Orleans Saints, and Storey Charbonnet, who heads the Carrollton Booster Club, are both current members of the Audubon Commission. In most cities, such an agreement would (and should) raise some eyebrows.
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