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2/1/2016 The privatization of Audubon Park by the AC/ANI continues (2016)
3/29/2012 Children’s Hospital informs state it wants to buy New Orleans Adolescent Hospital (2012)
3/22/2011 Dale Stastny retiring in 2011
3/20/2011 Children's Hospital eyes buying, leasing shuttered NOAH
3/20/2011 Rep. Neil Abramson: New Orleans Adolescent Hospital should remain a health-care facility
4/17/2010 Children's Hospital looking to acquire New Orleans Adolescent Hospital property
4/16/2010 Children’s Hospital in meaningful negotiations with state to acquire former NOAH property
4/2/2010 What we learned at the District A Master Plan meeting... (2010)
4/1/2010 Audubon Golf Course's huge financial losses continue unabated
3/10/2010 Neighborhood opposition slows expansion of Children's Hospital
3/8/2010 New Orleans public meetings scheduled to discuss Master Plan
2/25/2010 District A Council Election
1/29/2010 Canvassing this weekend: Volunteers needed!!
1/27/2010 City Council District A Candidate Forum
1/27/2010 Save Audubon Park Yard Signs are in!!! Order yours today.
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