New Orleans public meetings scheduled to discuss Master Plan
District A
Tuesday, March 30th, 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.
City Park - Timken Center (old casino building) on Dreyfous Dr.
Parkview Terrace, 2nd floor

The New Orleans City Council, in coordination with the City Planning Commission, will hold public meetings in each Council District in an effort to inform and engage the public on the Master Plan, according to a press release from the council.

The council's Recovery Committee co-chairs, Cynthia Willard-Lewis and Jacquelyn Brechtel Clarkson, have scheduled the meetings from March 18-30. The public meetings will be held throughout New Orleans in each Council District.

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I. Welcome by Councilmember Shelley Midura
II. Overview of the Master Plan by City Planning
III. Public questions and comments:

-Please fill out your name and address on the comment card and write your question or comment on the back. Turn in your comment card to a member of Cm. Midura's staff or a member of City Planning Staff.

-Each card that is germane to the master plan will be read aloud and answered by planning staff. If the card is not germane to the Master Plan, someone from Cm. Midura's staff will contact you directly to assist.

-After your card has been read aloud and answered, if you would like to respond, you will have one (1) minute to do so.

-If you feel your question/comment requires further input beyond the answer provided by the planning staff, please email with "Master Plan Comment" in the subject line.

-Comments may also be left with the planner by the Master Plan map.

As explained in the "Zoning" article below, it is critical that Audubon Park's neighbors ensure that the zoning changes in the new Master Plan actually remain, and are not derailed by those who seek to develop sites whose zoning has traditionally been at odds with their use, such as the land next to Children's Hospital that contains the tennis courts and Avenger Field. While this land in question has been zoned "Medical Services" under the current zoning code, it has been a publicly owned part of Audubon Park since 1949 when it was purchased by the Audubon Commission on behalf of the citizens of New Orleans. The new Master Plan finally corrects the zoning of this property and brings it in line with its traditional and long-standing use, a zoning change that advocates of the hospital expansion may try to 'excise' from the new Master Plan.
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